Becoming A Tree City

To become a Tree City USA  recipient it takes determination and dedication not just from the City of Mahnomen employee's but from our resident's too.  In December of 2021 the City of Mahnomen submitted an application to become part of a long list of cities in the U.S. to commit to bettering not just the beauty of  their cities but to our planet and Mahnomen wants to be a part of this adventure!  Tree's produce clean oxygen, provide shade on hot days and can significantly lower air-conditioning bills. Mahnomen residents can play a significant part in efforts to not just become a beautiful city but also increase the planets air quality.  We do this by planting trees, flowers, and bushes. 

In 2020 the City of Mahnomen was supposed to have Bemidji State University (BSU)  come to our city to count all it's trees inside city limits but due to COVID-19 it was placed on hold.  In 2021 BSU- came and with some amazing staff and volunteer/paid students who completed a tree count for us.  While counting they marked healthy, diseased, and dead trees and with this information the city can now move forward with removing diseased and dead trees, and start the planting stages.  This project was conducted in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.”

City of Mahnomen Goals: 

1. Remove dead trees including trees infected with a disease like the Emerald Ash Borer.

2. Plant new trees throughout the city.

3. Apply for grants to have city sidewalks renewed and in the process plant tress in new planting beds.

4. Have yearly Arbor Day Events

5. Provide resources to help our resident make purchasing viable trees for our planting zone so trees, plants, and shrubs will thrive.

6. Stay committed to this project  for the betterment of this community.