The purpose of a Well-Head Protection Plan is to protect a community's ground water from pollution like chemicals and oil spills or anything else potentially hazardous to our water supply.  It is important for all residents to know what is/isn't safe, and to know how and where to dispose of potentially hazardous waste. For more information on source water and how to help protect it,  follow the link below to the  Minnesota Rural Water Association page.  There are many educational materials to help us better understand the importance of protecting our ground water. 


Another great way to learn about water in Minnesota is through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency by clicking this link: https://www.pca.state.mn.us/hows-the-water

Visit the Minnesota Soil and Water Conservation District and learn about our precious Drinking Water Supply Management by clicking this link:  https://sites.google.com/site/mahnomencountyswcd/home

Another great site for all ages is the Groundwater Foundation:  https://www.groundwater.org/

Awesome Aquifer is a kit that can be purchased to teach children about the value of ground water: Awesome Aquifor Kits 

The National Groundwater Association is another great source to learn about groundwater with games, puzzles and more:  The National Groundwater Association.