Why are my property taxes going up?

The city's proposed tax levy is going up 10%, so does this mean my city taxes are going to go up?

It depends, even though you're city taxes are increasing 10%, this does not necessarily
mean that your city property taxes will increase.  
In fact, some properties may actually seeing their city property taxes decrease or stay the same.   
The state of Minnesota has a very complicated method for calculating your taxes. 
In fact there are over 14 reasons why you're taxes can go up or down. 
Click here to watch a short video on how your taxes can increase or decrease.   
Another method that help determine the amount you owe in property taxes is how the market value exclusion is credited. 
Click here  for information on how to calculate the market exclusion.  
Click a "Fact Sheet" on understanding why we have property taxes and how they are calculated for our property can be found by clicking here.