Fill out the complaint completely including the name and address of resident you are filing a complaint for.  Please remember that complaints can take some time to resolve, place your information on the back of the form we will not follow up on any complaint without the information of the person who is making the complaint, details on who reports is confidential! The Form is at the bottom of this page, and after completed you can drop it off at 104 W Madison Avenue or email it to and in subject field please title Resident Complaint so I know what it details.  Please add your name and phone number on the back so if I have questions I can reach you, your information is private.  I need the front of the form filled out with a name and address and a detailed description of what the complaint is about.




91.02   Dogs and cats

91.07   Nuisances


Tall Grass/Weeds  (This is our biggest complaint we receive every year, please do not email complaints for grass that are under 12 inches).

   (A)   All property owners shall be responsible for the removal, cutting, or disposal and elimination of weeds, grasses and rank vegetation or other uncontrolled plant growth on their property, which at the time of notice, is in excess of 12 inches in height. 
   (B)   These provisions shall not apply to an area established with meadow vegetation if: 
      (1)   The prior vegetation is eliminated and the meadow vegetation is planted through transplanting or seed by human or mechanical means; and 
      (2)   A sign is posted on the property in a location likely to be seen by the public, advising that a meadow or prairie is being established.  This sign must be no smaller than ten inches square, no larger than one square foot, and no higher than three feet tall. 

Do not deposit Grass in the Streets 

Do not deposit Leaves in the Streets 



  50.03   Sanitation collection service and duty to pay required 
  50.04   Container required; placement
Loud Noise 

Public Health Concern 

Vacant Home 



Junk Vehicle/Boat/RV

Too Many Vehicles -  only four (4) vehicles total are allowed on one property and they must be in working condition, and be parked on pavement , gravel, or stored in a garage or storage container. The four vehicles can be a 

Right of Way Obstruction

Zoning Code Violation