When it comes to planting trees, shrubberies, and flowers we like to go by what the tree, shrub or plant *will* become, am I right?  It's hard for us to look at a tree and envision that tree somewhere in our yard and then only to realize that it isn't hardy enough for our planting zone, wah-wah-wah! Sadly, sometimes we find that one out the hard way.

Well it doesn't have to be that way, get to know your planting zone and learn what types of trees will thrive in our area, then go and plant a variety of trees and not only will you completely change the look of your property but you are adding clean oxygenated air to our planet, and increasing your property values, how cool is that? 

There are plenty of links on the world-wide web that can teach us about planting trees, what type of trees are going to thrive in our area, and even where tree placement in our yards, and also who to contact before we plant the trees.  

"Minnesota's climate is changing. Average temperatures have risen across the state by 2°F since the earth 20th century, Since 2000, Minnesota has seen a significant increase in extreme rainstorms where rain amounts exceed 3 inches in 24 hours—increasing flooding. These changes affect where trees will thrive.  Adding a mix of tree species that are expected to thrive in our changing climate will increase diversity in your yard, making it more resilient to climate change.

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Some Tips:

  • Select your region on the map for a listing of the right native tree species for the area.
  • Contact a local tree nursery for help selecting a good tree for your yard.
  • Check your local tree ordinance. Some cities ban planting species such as boxelder and cottonwood.

U.S. Forest Service climate change models predict these trees are likely to thrive in a changing climate."

Click here for a chart of the Best Native Yard Trees For Our Changing Climate  PDF "   https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/treecare/best-native-yard-trees.html

 Some other helpful websites to visit about trees are:



To view Minnesota trees click the link below:


A Beginner's Guide to Minnesota Trees

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